For Those In Need

We realize how much your pets mean to you.

During difficult economic times, some families are facing the choice between feeding themselves, and feeding their pets. This choice is made every day in many households of low-income families. Many families live paycheck to paycheck, have lost a job, are seniors on fixed incomes, are dealing with an illness or disability, or are hit with an unexpected medical emergency, high electric bill, or car repair that throws them behind and is preventing them from caring for their pet.

We Can Help!

We ask you to remember this is a temporary pet food assistance program run mostly by volunteers to provide help through difficult economic times.  Please understand that pet food is limited by supply and because we are offering assistance for financial hardship, we ask that you do not take in more pets than you already have.

Qualifications For Assistance

To qualify for the pet food pantry program those seeking pet food need to be approved in person at a one-time Application appointment prior to receiving their first monthly distributions.  Approvals for receiving pet food will be based on the household income guidelines listed below. If your family exceeds the income guidelines, please let us know your circumstances. We can review each situation on a case by case basis.Proof of income can be a pay stub, tax return, unemployment stub, or a card or award letter from a government assistance program.

1 person household $15000
2 family members in household $24,000
3 family members in household $26,000
4 family members in household $31,000
5 + family members $36,000
Please remember to bring proof of income. Thank you.